The Weather Queen

The Weather King or Queen


“Close the eyes and relax. For a few moments, once again be aware of the surrounding noises and points of distraction.  They are the usual clutter that surround these exercises.  Acknowledge them and let them go….

 Imagine yourself on the top of a high conical hill. The top is flat, so you stand in the middle of a circle of grass.  As you look around you, be aware of a growing sense of power coming up from deep in the ground, spiralling upwards to emerge at your feet.  Feel the power travel up through your legs and into your body.  Deliberately draw the power in increasing strength, spiralling up from the depths, through your body and out of your hands and head.  Direct it with your hands into the air above and around you.  Realise the power is affecting your surroundings, changing the weather and raising a wind.  Clouds appear from nowhere, swirling around.  The wind grows in increasing proportions, until the whole world seems a howling gale.  Rain slashes down and soaks you in a second.  A full-blown storm ensues.

 The power is yours to command. With a gesture and directed will power you cause the rain or hail to strike or deluge down where you will.  With such a feeling of almost bursting with power, detonate lightning from your hands or pull it down from the sky to the surrounding land.  Let the lightning strike where you will it.  It is totally yours to command, so enjoy the full sensation.  Split trees or burst rocks with the power.  Feel totally unrestrained to do whatever you want to do.  You are the Weather King or Queen.

 Begin to lessen the intensity of the storm. Relax the power streaming from the depths, but before it exhausts itself, let it flow from between your outstretched cupped hands to almost caress the clouds apart.  Let the sunshine through in beams of yellow golden light and, as they touch the ground, see it begin to warm, steam and begin to dry out.  The land is alive with growing things making the best use of the water, warmth and flood of nutrients washed down with the rain.

 The flow of power stops. You relax your arms and being.  There is a sense of exhaustion or having done a great work.  The scene gently shimmers and fades and you return to the here and now.”


As you stand on the top of the hill, here is represented your conscious act of visualization, drawing energy from deep within you. It is not a ‘head’ trip at all, even though it is a conscious visualization. It is from the ‘guts’, the deep inner you, that the feelings are evoked.

What kind of storm do you raise? Is it mainly wind of argument and thought or rain and hail of emotion? Is the lightening of anger sporadic or continuous; is it ‘owned’ and thrown from your hands or manipulated from behind the scenes from cloud to ground? Who or what gets in the way – recognizable or abstract and general? How fierce and constant is the energy? All are indicators of your inner passions, pent up and suddenly released.

How easy or difficult is it to let the storm go and part the clouds? Is there any sunshine at all? Perhaps it is easier to locate anger rather than let it exhaust itself and move on. Perhaps it is much more difficult to find a forgiveness or catharsis through the expression of sunshine and growth. Many a person cannot let go of a slight or personal vendetta. It feeds the sense of importance or even the need for existence, especially if such a vendetta is fed through mother’s milk. Such examples at this level of hate lie within the ethnic passions of the Northern Ireland or Middle Eastern conflicts, between neighbouring counties or even neighbouring housing estates or gang turf.

It is out of the expression of the passing storm that the blessing comes. The land needs the nutrients and water just as much as the warmth and sunshine. Rightly expressed, strong emotions are just as necessary as the more socially acceptable gentler ones.

This visualization is not so much a means of healing a particular argument as rather generating the means of expressing safely, even if only in thought, pent up emotions that would otherwise harm and give power to negativity. It is the general overall level of passion that is exorcised or gradually dealt with.