The Way – A Celtic Qabalah

The Way

Magical Meditations for the Modern Mystic

The Way, A Celtic Qabalah is my first published book.  I view the Qabalah as a diagram of the mind with various offered routes to explore.  Following these routes offers the chance for a deeper understanding of the self and the world for the visualisation exercises will encourage the subconscious to explore, grow, and delight in being truly human and unique – being you.  The diagram or symbol came into prominence during the third century of the Christian era, but it initially developed within the Jewish Mystical tradition.  As a consequence the complicated and obscure religious terms surrounding the Qabalah may have put you off exploring it on your own, which is why I wrote this book.  In ‘The Way – A Celtic Qabalah’, I attempt to help you understand the symbolism through reading and through meditation.  Each meditation is accompanied with therapeutic involvement and magical use as well as legend, myth and religious comparisons.  I am sure the book offers you a wonderful and frightening journey, truly  the Way of enchantment.

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Try one of the written visualization exercises:-  The Weather Queen 

Or try it by listening to Reverend John narrating it:- 

The Reverend Canon John Perryman | Senior Healthcare Chaplain: Manchester, England,   
Ancient and modern intertwine in this challenging workbook for spiritual growth. The Revd John Littlewood challenges you to “inspect your inner secrets and embrace them”. Along the way he coins texts for today, for example “Spirit does not need healing, only freeing,” and: “(Spirituality) opens the way from potential to actualization”. He is a wise and sensitive guide.


Matt Harvey | Radio 4/Guardian contributor, poet, Kindred Spirit columnist. 
In this richly illustrated book Rev Littlewood brings the Qabalah to Earth, opens the door, makes connections, invites us in. He doesn’t say it isn’t difficult or challenging. He does claim it is worthwhile. It is also, for this reader, rich and fascinating. You don’t have to tie red string to your wrist or fork out for accessories, but you are invited to roll your sleeves up, get your metaphorical walking boots on and set to work.


Dr Tami Brady | TCM Reviews 
The Way is like a breath of fresh air. It looks at the Qabalah in a completely different way. The layout is much more flexible and the purpose extremely personal. It looks at the system from a psychological point of view. Each rung on the ladder represents a certain aspect. Be that an archetype, a symbol, or a well known cultural representation such as the zodiac or the characters in The Matrix. Each of these aspects has passive and active states moving from the physical to the spiritual. Much can be learned from each of these points. For each, the author provides two sets of visualizations. The reader is guided in particular scenarios where he or she is confronted with different parts of the self. When looking back at these experiences, it is absolutely amazing what can be gleamed about hidden beliefs, world views, and symbols that resonate personally.