Just a Bit of Old Stone

Just a Bit of Old Stone

The Magic of the Ley

This book brings a definitive aspect to the whole discipline of ley line study to what is otherwise a collection of pseudo scientific ideas coupled with fantasy, folk lore and mumbo jumbo. It tries to discard the modern overlays to arrive at a deeper understanding of the technology of the past era when the application of earth energies could well mean the difference between survival or starvation.  It builds on the basic principles found in other technologies and translates this into a Neolithic context that brings an understanding or revelation to show a sophistication that can only be guessed at.  It should revolutionise our thoughts and bring admiration to the peoples of the time, showing them in a new light of intelligence and spirituality. 

Endorsement  by Nigel Twinn

It is easy enough to blend together seeming disparate strands of thought – but it’s rare to find a work that does it successfully.   Reverend John’s Just a Bit of Old Stone manages to take a fresh look at the Great Ley Debate by weaving together threads of the story that deliver a rather different slant on a well-worn tapestry. The approach reflects the amalgam that is the author – a scientifically trained theologian, who is as comfortable with channelling and meditation as he is with experimentation and fieldwork. He seamlessly straddles science and spirituality, without ever cherry-picking between the disciplines, and then applies the resultant admixture to the landscape of Leys.  His anecdotes are illustrative, and his asides profound – and while some of his concepts will not be entirely new to aficionados of the subject, his line of reasoning forms a holistic pattern that is certainly novel, and one I have not seen portrayed in this form anywhere else. In starting his book by taking the bull by the horns – in attempting to define both different types of ‘earth energy’ and different types of Ley – he grabbed my interest straight away. Reverend John takes this most enigmatic of subjects from first principles, and leads us through to some thought-provoking, but essentially positive, conclusions. A tract for all-comers from a man for all seasons – and a bijou baguette for your inner leyhunter.

Nigel Twinn is the author of Hamish Miller: A Life Divined and a regular contributor to Dowsing Today

ISBN:  978-1-910088-51-7

The price is £12.50 for paperback or £7.50 for Kindle edition.  Both are available through Amazon.

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