Elemental Energies

First the Physics Lesson!

Elemental Energies

It is best to begin by making it plain that all unseen energies are not the same. That is an absurd assumption and I am appalled of the looseness of definitions of society.  Just because the word Chi has become a common word through the introduction of martial arts and Eastern therapies, does not mean it is defining the same unseen energy experienced in sacred geometric structure.  Generally it is not.  So to try to understand one another I will use the Western concept of only four elements and their respective energies.

In that case I write of Geomantic Energy, which is the elemental energy associated with earth.  It can be found in all Life in some degree or other no matter what material or form that Life is manifest as, but it is normally the fundamental energy of the planet itself – the Earth.  It is the energy of Ley Lines, or whatever name you wish to call them.

I write of Chi Energy, which is the elemental energy associated with water.  It can also be found in all Life in some degree or other, including the planet Earth, but is normally the life energy of living plants and creatures.  Not surprising when you consider that the human body consists of 90% water at birth, 70% when an adult, and about 50% in old age.  Life and water are inseparable.

I write of Prana, which is the elemental energy associated with air.  It also is essential to all of Life, but it is normally thought of as the life energy contained in breath.  It is not synonymous with air or oxygen but it is found to be more vibrant and abundant in turbulent air and any interface with the other elemental energies.

I write of Prayer, Blessings and Curses, which is the elemental energy associated with fire.  It is the energy nearest to pure Spirit, and has that quality associated with it.  Naturally Life cannot exist without it, but it is not the Spirit or Soul itself, but only an elemental energy associated with the things of the Spirit.

All of these energies are present in an ever interweaving pattern throughout all of Life and every aspect of this Planet Earth.  That is the dance of Life, where although one form of energy might be transformed to another, all four energies will always be present to some degree or other – even if only nominally, moving from a higher potential to a lower one and interacting with everything else.

I acknowledge that there are many types of Life on this planet, including the unseen citizens of non-physical realms, all having their part to play in the energetic dance, but in this work I will restrict myself to writing only of the human and Earth body’s interaction.