About Reverend John

Lets start with the academic and job qualifications.

The Reverend John has a science background with a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of East Anglia, UK.  He also studied theology at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and sociology and pastoral psychology at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.  He was a psychiatric nurse for a while before being ordained as an Anglican priest, serving in the Norwich diocese in two parishes and as a Diocesan Exorcist for five years.  He was also a past university lecturer in counselling with Exeter University Extramural Studies (now Long Life Learning).

He has some psychic sensitivity and is a therapeutic counsellor.  Although he no longer takes services he has looked after many a church through its Interregnum having left parish ministry in 1981 to concentrate on remedial counselling.  He runs a charity and counselling agency in Cornwall, UK.  His experience in the Church of England means he is able to speak with authority on the whole subject of the decline of the Church, but he hastens to point out that he is not a parish priest any more.  He did serve two curacies in the past and was recently Licensed to the Truro diocese, however the saying is that the eunuch is probably the most knowledgeable expert of life and technique within the harem despite his obvious inability to perform!  So what does that make Reverend John?

All this may seem to make him look like an egghead, but he is just as at home working on the water wheel as the resident engineer clambering around the wheel as if it was a climbing frame for adults, or working outside on the constant grounds maintenance of the Mill.

He has written and published seven books but he says he is unlikely to work on any more.  You never know he might change his mind!

Watch this space!