A Day in the Life of a Goddess Priestess

A Day in the life of a Goddess Priestess

Channelling is not like a person being in a trance state and simply letting the words from another persona or entity use that person’s voice and body to communicate.  That is Mediumship.  Channelling is a far more vague and complex partnership of person and entity or persona where the resulting communication is an amalgam of voices, making use of prejudices, teachings, beliefs, and fantasy of whoever is speaking or writing at the time, blending the resulting flow to look like a consistent single voice speaking. Someone who read these musings wondered if it was the sexual fantasies of a retired vicar!   However the following is a challenging dialogue (albeit one sided) with Niamh, a Goddess Priestess of long ago, who presents a very different picture of an established religion, the Matriarchal religion of the day – so reserve judgment until the end.

Endorsement – Jan Brodie

This book was a joy to read.  Niamh’s story resonated with me on many levels.  She was a vibrant force in my heart and mind as she shared the joys and disappointments of her daily life as a Priestess.  I have experienced many of Niamh’s experiences within my own training and subsequent practices and I know them to be true.  Niamh has an honesty which is engaging.  She also has that touch of Priestessly arrogance which makes her story believable and very real.  The Reverend John and Niamh have shared something which is rare and very moving.  

Jan Brodie was a Gardnerian High Priestess for many years but now retired from active teaching within a coven.  She has also studied through the Fellowship of Isis within the order of Domus Sophia Terrae Gradalis.

ISBN:  978-1-910088-54-8

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